Vandals Dump Rainbow Paint on Reformer’s Monument

Vandals Dump Rainbow Paint on Reformer’s Monument

The Rainbow religion rightly noted its enemy this week: Reformed Christianity.

Switzerland, July 15: Guests touring Geneva’s Reformation Wall yesterday saw a monument covered with rainbow striped spray paint. 

The Reformation Wall (Mur de Reformateurs) depicts the great Protestant Reformers William Farel, John Calvin, Theodora Beza, and John Knox. The internationally famous monument documents the triumph of God’s Word in human history. Behind the Reformers’ statues is inscribed the unforgettable motto: Post Tenebras Lux (“After Darkness, Light”).

The great Protestant Reformers labored to end idolatry, superstition, and religious bondage to futility. The Reformed battle cries: Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Glory to God Alone stand in stark opposition to those who would usher in an age of Perversion Alone.

Perhaps more than one tourist noted, while facing the defaced monument and the world it represents, “Post Lucem Tenebrae”: After Light, Darkness.

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