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Tullian Tchividjian is Planting a New Church

Tullian Tchividjian is the grandson of Billy Graham and a one-time replacement for the honorable D. James Kennedy at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Theologically astute believers noticed Tchividjian’s slide into antinomianism – a dangerous teaching that makes light of God’s laws, morality, and piety – several years before his eventual dismissal from the ministry on account of an extra-marital affair. After many lies and much deceit, it was revealed that Tchividjian was involved in multiple clergy sexual misconduct cases (not “affairs”). And having fallen in disgrace, without any sign of observable repentance, Tchividjian is back in the pulpit and plotting a comeback in a new church plant.

Pulpit & Pen warned you that Tchividjian was getting back into the pulpit in November of 2018, as undiscerning, naive, and foolish-minded churches were willing to set aside all Biblical standards in order to host an evangelical celebrity. Like disgraced drunkard pastor Perry Noble, Tchividjian has been busy turning his ministry disqualifications into a cottage industry. Attacking the Christian church as “elitists” and “judgmental,” these fallen ministers are capitalizing on their ungodliness to attract unsanctified followers.

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As of late, Tchividjian has been talking about his “restoration” on podcasts, social media, and small church venues. However, as an organization of churchmen, we have to ask the question who restored Tullian Tchividjian?

Certainly, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church has not restored Tchividjian. His former pastor, Kevin Labby, has not restored Tchividjian. GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) has not restored Tchividjian. The Presbyterian Church of America has not restored Tchividjian. The PCA’s South Florida Presbytery has not restored Tchividjian. So how on Earth did Tchividjian get restored?

You can’t “restore” yourself, people. Podcasts, blogs, and crappy random churches with no moral standards can’t restore Tullian. The only ones who can restore Tchividjian are those who revoked his credentials and removed him from ministry for his sins and subsequent lack of repentance. And they’re the ones who won’t restore Tchividjian if they’re responsible leaders.

And yet, in spite of him not being “restored,” these churches are letting him back into the pulpit.

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And, it seems, that Tullian is even planning what seems to be a church plant.

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This is the creation of Tullian himself.

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Christians anywhere (and for that matter, anyone who cares about clergy sexual misconduct) need to say no in the strongest possible terms to the “restorations” of men who have proven themselves disqualified from ministry and untrustworthy in the realm of personal morality.

There is always room forgiveness at the foot of the cross. But once disqualified from ministry for such severe sins, there isn’t always room at the pulpit.

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