Satanist Offers Opening Prayer at Alaska City Council Meeting

The Kenai Penninsula Borough Assembly opened last night to the prayers of a Satanist.

Prior to 2016, borough invocations could be offered by anyone. A local satanist, Iris Fontana, used the opportunity to open in prayer, but shocking hearers, she ended it with, “It is done; hail Satan.” Because of the controversy, the borough changed its policy to allow only speakers from a religious association approved by the borough assembly (city council).

The religious association, according to some, then chose to bar those of religious minorities or those without brick-and-mortar meeting houses. A lawsuit was then brough against the brough assembly which leveled charges of religious discrimination, and the court ruled against the assembly. The court ruled that people of all faiths and even no faiths could offer the city council’s opening prayers.

Flocking to the application process to offer council prayers were a Baha’i, a Pastafarian (a made-up religion made to mock religions), a Wiccan, and Fontana, the Satanist.

By the way, Alaska has Satanists, Wiccans, Baha’i, and Pastafarians. Who knew?

Some have put together a petition called Return to Order (which is associated with the Roman Catholic Church), which expresses dismay that Satanists or atheists be able to offer mocking prayers.

You can watch the 2016 prayer below.

And here is a trasncript of the prayer from last night.

Let us be present in this moment, clear our minds and be free of outdated propaganda and regulations that were created by historical people who were afraid of the unknown.

Let us embrace the impulse to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, so that we may let go of comforting delusions, and see the truth in the world.

Let us demand that humans be judged for their actions, not their loyalty to useless social norms, labels, and categories.

Let us stand firm against all authority that tries to threaten the unalienable rights of all humans.

Let us cast aside our differences to use reason, logic, science, and compassion to create solutions for the greater good of our community.

It is Done. Hail Satan. Thank you.

Reportedly, two council members stepped out of the chambers along with the chief of staff and mayor. More than 40 people held up signs outside the council meeting encouraging people to reject Satanism.

Research by Pulpit & Pen indicates that Fontana is a registered Democrat.

[Editor’s Note: HT and source link, Hemant Mehta]