P&P Places Chick-fil-A Bounty on More Info Regarding ‘Wokeness’ of SBC Leaders

You might have heard this week of a courageous student at Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary who made available audio recordings of Danny Akin, president at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, calling Beth Moore “stupid” and “dumb.” Akin, not knowing he was being recorded, spoke candidly about Beth Moore’s recent tirades against Complementarianism.

You can read about Akin’s comments here, or watch JD discuss them here.

We’re now being told from other sources that SBC employees and students have been instructed to not to record SBC leaders when they discuss matters relating to Social Justice or general ‘wokeness.’

Akin has yet to address the controversy publicly. But this leaves the question as to why SBC leaders won’t share their opinions about Beth Moore publicly, and why they are only willing to be blunt privately. What do they have to hide?

Pulpit & Pen is not above providing bounties for information, as we did when investigating the absurd and completely fictitious claims of Social Justice Warrior, Kyle J. Howard, that he was ever in a “gang.” By the way, that offer has been doubled and can be read about here.

Being so, P&P would like to grease the wheels of information from Southern Baptist seminary students and faculty members who have any further audio recordings or information regarding the candid opinons of denominatonal leaders on the subject of political correctness or wokeness.

We are offering $50 gift cards to Chick-fil-A, for any such information from SBC students or employees that we can use for publication. While this may not seem like a lot of money, the last we heard, fried chicken is like cocaine to Baptists.

Send us your tips and we will send you fried chicken. And although this may seem like a fun troll (and it is), we are absolutely serious. To submit tips or information, email us at talkback@pulpitandpen.org

This would be a lot easier if SBC leaders would just speak their minds openly.

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