Whoah! Gutsy! Pastor Opens Legislative Session with Imprecatory Prayer Upon Politicians Who Support Abortion

Darren Bailey with Cory Musgrave

This Illinois pastor was asked to lead the prayer over the Illinois House of Representatives, a time-tested tradition which is largely a ceremonial hat-tip to a time gone by. In his prayer, the pastor pled God’s forgiveness and prayed down God’s wrath upon the legislators for keeping abortion legal.

We don’t know if Corey Muskgrave has a seminary degree, but he has intestinal fortitude like you can’t believe.

Musgrave is the pastor of New Beginnings Church and was asked to open the house in prayer by Representative Darren Bailey. He subsequently took a page from the Psalmist’s playbook and prayed an imprecatory prayer.

An imprecatory prayer is a prayer that is invoking God’s wrath and judgment, and they’re modeled for us in the imprecatory Psalms, which include Psalms 5, 6, 11, 12, 35, 37, 40, 52, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 79, 83, 94, 137, 139, and 143.

This might be the first time we have seen such an act of bravery amidst a bunch of pro-choice legislators.

Illinois lawmakers are considering the Reproductive Health Act, which would codify into law a “fundamental right” to abortion. Several more liberal states are considering these laws in response to the heartbeat laws currently being passed throughout the Bible belt. The legislation passed the Illinois House of Representatives already and will probably pass the state Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.

After a very long, godly prayer, Musgrave prayed, “We have one final appeal left, that is to the courts of Heaven. God Almighty, I make an appeal to Heaven today, to you the perfect judge, the one who presides over Heaven court, I ask you to rise up, oh God, and judge Illinois for the sanctioned destruction for the innocent unborn. For when your judgments are in this state, the inhabitants of Illinois learn righteousness.

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