Cookie Company, Nabisco, Mocks Moms with Trannies on Mother’s Day

Nabisco apparently thinks that men are so much better than women, they can even make better moms. On the day set aside by our culture to celebrate womanhood, the cookie manufacturer thought it would celebrate men pretending to be women instead of celebrating actual moms.

The Chips Ahoy! manufacture started Mother’s Day with a gross-looking man in a wig and makeup, masquerading as a woman, who was giving advice about celebrating moms.

Jose Cancel, who goes by the fake name, Vanessa Vanjie Mateoz, was featured in the advertisement…

“What’s a sweet gesture for you to do to your momma? Your real momma, your drag momma, whichever momma, somebody, whoever take care of you, whoever you feel or consider your momma, it’s their day today,”

Moms, who by necessity are females who have pushed children outside of their vaginal canal (or, adopted children from those who have) are now being shoved aside by American’s corpocracy to celebrate, you know, whatever gender-confused Sasquatch in make-up wants the spotlight.

Transsexuals are gross. They make us lose our appetite. This isn’t good advertising.

Men who look like what you see in this video aren’t moms. In fact, they look like the kinds creatures who terrify children in their dreams. They’re what lives under the bed in childhood nightmares.

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