Hallelujah! Alabama Bans ALL Abortion, Sets Up Supreme Court Show-Down

Last night, the Alabama state senate passed a bill outlawing all abortion, without making exceptions for rape or incest (praise God). The bill passed 25-6 and is what many people feel the toughest abortion ban in America. The bill will make abortion a felony in the state. It stops short of making abortion a capital murder crime (which it should be).

All across our great land, state legislators – even and especially Republicans – are voting down abolitionist bans against abortion in fear that the courts will declare the laws unconstitutional. While this concern is real (and probable), when legislatures pass laws against abortion they set a legislative precedent, separate the political wheat from the chaff, and it forces courts to make decisions.

However, the Alabama law is intended to create a show-down in the courts, which many feel may side against Roe v Wade thanks to new Trump appointees, Neil Gorusch and Brett Kavanaugh. In this case the state legislative body didn’t act in fear of the courts, but in order to provoke them to action.

The Alabama law does make cases for fetal abnormalities if those abnormalities will cause death to the woman. It also makes exceptions for ectopic pregnancies. “Doctors” who perform the procedure could receive up to 99 years in prison.

Senator Linda Coleman-Madison spoke on the Alabama Senate floor against the bill, saying, “It wasn’t so very long ago when we started talking about the rights of women. Maybe we need to come up with a castration bill. I mean you guys come up with some crazy bills.

Of course, castration would prevent pregnancy, not end one. Perhaps we should worry less about providing sex-education to elementary students and start providing sex-education to our state legislators.

She continued, “I know God made women different. He really did. You all came from a woman. Did you not get anything from her? If you have a mother and she’s still alive, deep down she would tell you this is not right. You’re shaking your head, but I bet she would.”

Thankfully, statistics demonstrate that mothers are more likely to desire a ban on abortion than men.

Unfortuantely, this bill does not punish the woman who has an abortionist murder her child. It will take affect in 6 months, if signed into law by the Governor.

Sadly, there are no plans at the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Birmingham on June 11-12 to discuss this groundbreaking abortion law in Alabama, but will instead of focus on race, feminism, and other Social Justice issues popular on the American left.