Commie Pope Encourages Kid to Continue “Climate Strike” Activism

Environmental fascists around the world are ‘striking’ from their various responsibilities in order to bring attention to the fabricated ‘crisis’ of climate change. Employees are threatening to strike from their jobs. Women are threatening to strike from giving birth. And kids are threatening to strike from doing their homework.

The Marxist-Jesuit Pope met with a Swedish teenager who is a part of the worldwide climate-strike from homework and encouraged her to continue neglecting her studies in the name of environmental extremism.

The teenage girl, Greta Thunberg, organized climate change protests for school children throughout her nation and is getting increasing attention around the world. The relationship between not doing homework and making a difference on the environment is not altogether clear.

Thunberg was seated in a VIP section of the Pope’s audience holding a sign reading, “Join the Climate Strike.” Francis approached the teen and told her, “Continue, continue. Go on, go ahead.”

Pope Francis is widely regarded as a radical environmentalist (as most Marxists are, who use the ideology as a tool to confiscate property and call for global government), having published a papal encyclical on environmentalism entitled, Laudato Si. The encyclical argues that, “Caring for creation is as old as Genesis, as clear as the Sermon on the Mount, as transformative as St. Francis.”

Environmental activism is one of the seven tenets of Catholic Social Teaching.

Thunberg – who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for keeping kids out of school – was in Italy to lead a strike of school students in Rome, and was invited to the VIP section at the Vatican at the Pope’s request.

Emboldened by the Pope’s words, Thunberg said, “He told us that we should continue, like we do now. And he supports the school strike, the big school strike that is happening May 24, which also happened to be on the anniversary of Laudato Si.”

“And so I urge you to join the climate strike,” Thunberg said.

“And we will take it to the streets and we will continue to fight for our future until the politicians do something.”

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