Women Go on “Birth-Strike” for Earth Day, Refuse to Procreate to Save Earth

Women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are refusing to procreate in order to save the planet. In the case of the infamous AOC, this might be a good thing. In general, however, children are good.

Due to environmentalist fear-mongering, many are refusing to have children so they won’t consume resources. Watch the video below to see a brief summary of the Birth-Strike Movement.

In reality, one of the greatest threats to the planet is the low birth-rate of civilized and industrialized nations who create most of the temporal solutions and life-saving technologies that benefit the world. God’s beautiful and well-designed planet has proven itself capable of maintaining an infinitely-growing human population. The planet is resilient and wonderfully made.

However, if liberals don’t want to reproduce (unless that involves murdering their unborn babies), we’re fine with it. With this attitude coming from political leftists, homeschool families should be able to take over the country in about 20 years.

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