ShepCon Speakers, Mark Dever and Ligon Duncan, Partner with Gay Priest at April Conference

Two weeks ago, we posed a question in the article entitled, Do the ShepCon Speakers Stand By Their Gay Priest? The speakers in question, we made abundantly clear in the article, were the four men who will be preaching at the event who are council members of The Gospel Coalition (TGC). Sam Allberry, the (celibate) homosexual Anglican priest just taught against traditional gender roles and likened the atonement to gender dysphoria, claiming that Jesus had “body issues.”

Allberry spoke at the ERLC encouraging Southern Baptists to redefine the nuclear family to include “non-traditional families,” and he has also used his platform at TGC to promote single homosexuals adopting children so they won’t be lonely. The gay priest has also created an “audit” for churches to determine how warm and welcoming they are to transgender people and homosexuals, which has been advocated by Tim Keller and others.

Some suggested that the link between Allberry and Mohler, Dever, Duncan, and Charles was not clear enough simply by the fact that he serves as an editor of the organization they govern and is frequently promoted there.

However, the gay priest is also speaking at an event co-hosted by 9Marx on April 1 (we hope this isn’t an April Fool’s joke). He will be speaking alongside Jason Allen (the president of SBC-owned Midwestern Seminary), Jonathan Leeman (the executive director of 9Marx), and Ligon Duncan (the president of Reformed Theological Seminary).

Mark Dever serves as the president of 9Marx, and is ultimately responsible for the decisions made by that organization. He, along with Ligon Duncan, will be speaking at John MacArthur’s 2019 Shepherd’s Conference.

There is no assertion by Pulpit & Pen that John MacArthur supports this gay priest who wants homosexuals to adopt children and blasphemed Christ by likening the atonement of Jesus to gender dysphoria, and who encourages gay men to have “intimate and physical relationships” with one another.

However, we are making a clear assertion that there is no excuse in inviting those who do clearly support and promote this aberrant homosexual.

We no longer need to ask the question if the ShepCon speakers stand by this gay priest. That answer is a resounding yes. Now the question must be asked why John MacArthur still stands by these men.

[Contributed by JD Hall: Author’s note…since when do Anglican priests have speaking gigs at all the American evangelical conferences? Isn’t it amazing that the first time an Anglican priest has this much notoriety among modern Reformed Evangelicals he happens to be gay? These are strange times we live in when being gay is cause for celebrity within the church]