Gay Priest at Ravi Zacharias Event: Jesus Had Dysphoria, Body Issues

Ravi Zacharias hosted Sam Alberry yesterday, who spoke at the event to explain “How To Know Your Gender.” The answer was not as simple as, “Do a DNA test.” Alberry, the gay Anglican priest, is an editor and writer for The Gospel Coalition, an organization run by Mark Dever, Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, HB Charles – all speakers at John MacArthur’s upcoming Shepherd’s Conference. In the talk, Allberry claimed that Jesus suffered from dysphoria and used Isaiah 53 to claim that – like transgender people – Jesus had “body issues.”

Allberry, who identifies as a gay Christian on some occasions and on other occasions does not (it seems to depend on his audience), is a favorite expert on Church-Sodomite relations and is promoted not only by The Gospel Coalition but also by the ERLC and other leftist-progressive groups. Allberry spoke at the ERLC encouraging Southern Baptists to redefine the nuclear family to include “non-traditional families,” and he has also used his platform at TGC to promote single homosexuals adopting children so they won’t be lonely.

The celibate gay priest has also created an “audit” for churches to determine how warm and welcoming they are to transgender people and homosexuals, which has been advocated by Tim Keller and others.

At the 1.12.00 mark, Allberry encourages Christians to discount “traditional gender stereotypes.” The priest claims it’s unhealthy for men to be associated with masculinity and women to be associated with femininity. These “traditional” stereotypes make transgender people feel out of place, and the church should not try to reinforce traditional manliness or lady-likeness.

At the 1.15.00 mark, Allberry claims that men and women are not as different as many would assert and that many such distinctions are “arbitrary.” If we would just be biblical Alberry argues, we would see less difference between the genders.

At the 1.18.00 mark, Allberry makes the case that the warrior, King David, was effeminate. He claims that the Bible says David was beautiful in a feminine way, and because he wrote poetry, David likely had some gender identity issues.

At the 1.23.00 mark, Allberry claimed that Jesus had “body issues” because Isaiah 53 says that people “turned their face from him,” meaning that he was ugly.

At the 1.23.56 mark, he claimed that “there is no greater dysphoria” than what Jesus felt like on the Cross, being imputed with sin at the atonement and that he was in the wrong body.

That’s how Allberry ended his presentation.

Watch video below:

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