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Legal in California to Dismember the Unborn: Bill Introduced to Prohibit Animal Dissection

[Dave Urbanski | The Blaze] A California state assembly bill introduced last week would prohibit animal dissections in public and private school through grade 12. How to score massive gains from this controversial investment revealed

The proposed amendment to state education code goes further than present language, which states that students “with a moral objection to dissecting or otherwise harming or destroying an animal” can “refrain from participation in an educational project that involves the harmful or destructive use of animals.” Alternative instruction “to obtain the knowledge, information, or experience required by the course of study in question” is allowed in its place.

But this bill — called the Replacing Animals in Science Education (RAISE) Act — would specifically outlaw dissection in public and private schools.

“The bill would define dissection as the viewing of the, or act of, dismembering or otherwise destructive use of an invertebrate or vertebrate animal, as specified, in the study of biological sciences, excluding fixed histological samples of any species,” the digest of the bill states. In place of dissection would be contemporary and humane teaching methods in line with industry standards and best practices, a press release aboutthe bill states.

Who introduced the bill?

Democratic Assembly Member Ash Kalra of San Jose introduced the bill Friday, and it was cosponsored by a handful of concerned groups, including the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

What else do we know about Kalra?

Kalra also:

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Dave Urbanski and originally published at The Blaze. Title changed by P&P.]