Marxist Pope Francis Restores Priest Removed by John Paul II for Being a Communist Revolutionary

John Paul II, who helped battle communism around the world, placed a sanction on a Nicaraguan priest for being a Communist and for adhering to Liberation Theology. Now, Pope Francis – who many regard as a Marxist himself – has lifted John Paul II’s sanction against the Communist priest even though the priest has not repented or apologized in any way.

The communist priest, Ernesto Cardenal, first had sanctions placed upon him in 1984. Pope John Paul II rebuked him for being involved in the leftist-progressive Sandinista government, which was persecuting the Romanist church. Francis has now warmly embraced him.

Cardenal strongly criticized both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict, but has had nothing but positive things to say about Francis, whose own leftist views seem to compliment Cardenal’s. In fact, Cardenal is quoted as saying, “The two popes prior to Francis were disastrous popes, who made the church retreat by centuries.”

It is startling indeed that in spite of vocally criticizing his predecessors, Francis would remove Cardenal’s sanctions.

Pope Francis’ decree says:

The Holy Father has benevolently granted the absolution of all the canonical censures imposed on the Reverend Father Ernesto Cardenal, accepting the request that he had recently presented to him through the Pontifical Representative in Nicaragua, to be readmitted to the exercise of the priestly ministry.