Confirmed: A Secret Vatican Rulebook for Priests Who Get Women Pregnant Does Exist

The Roman Catholic church has required its priests to be celibate since Pope Gregory VII issued his decree in the 11th Century, then reaffirmed the prohibition against marriage at the Second Lateran Council in 1139 and reaffirmed it again at the Council of Trent in 1563. The Romanists toyed around with the idea of celibacy previous to that, since the Council of Elvira in 304, although there were allowances up until the strict prohibition drafted by Gregory.

History is well aware of the inability of Romanist priests to maintain celibacy since the time that nunneries were invented as brothels to satisfy the sexual desires of priests to today, when child molestation runs rampant in the priesthood. In fact, there were many Popes who were sexually promiscuous, some of whom were gay, crossdressers, and engaged in incest.

However, the story not told by history until recently is that sex for Romanist priests has been so common that an entire rulebook exists to handle priests who have children out of wedlock.

The Vatican confirmed to the press on Monday that it has a secret manual to help priests who have illegitimate children.

Vatican official, Alessandro Gisotti, told the New York Times, “I can confirm that these guidelines exist. It is an internal document.”

As a part of the New York Times story, a man named Vincent Doyle discovered that his ‘godfather,’ Rev. John J. Doyle, was actually his biological father. Doyle then went to Rome to discover how many other children were raised as fatherless even though their dads worked as priests and says that an archbishop showed him an official Vatican document that outlined secret rules for priests who have children out of wedlock. 

The term used in the Vatican document for illegitimate children by priests are “Children of the Ordained.”

The document encourages the priest to leave the priesthood in order to “assume his responsibilities as a parent by devoting himself exclusively to the child.” However, the church will not make a priest do so and will allow him to continue to serve so long as his child is kept a secret.

Doyle started the website, Coping International, a support group website for other “Children of the Ordained” and currently, there are more than 50,000 illegitimate children of sexually rogue priests who are using the site.