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Anthony Bradley: The Evolution of a Race-Baiter

News Division

Anthony Bradley is a professor of religious studies at The Kings College (New York), and chair of the Religious and Theological Studies Department. He is also the Director for the Center of Human Flourishing (the social department) at the institution and is a research fellow for the Action Institute.

The Kings College, located in Manhattan, is a rather small school and is focused intently on cultural change. The slogan on their website reads, “Educating students to transform culture…” The political commentator, Dinesh D’Souza, was the institution’s fifth president (he was sentenced to 8 months in a half-way house for making illegal campaign contributions and was later pardoned by President Trump).

Today, Anthony Bradley is an outspoken advocate for Social Justice, Liberation Theology, Critical Race Theory, and Identity Politics. Consider what he recently posted on Twitter…

Bradley’s comment includes, “Black people in America have relied on God’s Word to help them survive white people. When you’re white and in the dominate culture, you’ve never needed the Old Testament covenant-keeping Redemptive God. Yours became a Christianity of moralism and your kids walked away.”

Glaringly brazen racial stereotypes? Check.

Pitting blacks against whites? Check.

Perpetuating the narrative of ongoing systemtic injustice? Check.

Claiming an entire race of people have not needed or do not understand Christianity? Check.

What you’ve just seen is classic Liberation Theology in all of its splendor.

At the bottom of Bradley’s RT is the original tweet from Jason Meyer, John Piper’s replacement at the New Calvinist hotspot for “Reformed” charismaticism and social justice, Bethlehem Bible Church. Meyer was lauding the article at Christianity Today, Building on the Black Church’s Bible Legacy.

Of course, the legacy of the Black Church when it comes to commitment to the Bible is not a good one. It was a good one, until Liberation Theologians infiltrated the black church in the mid-twentieth century and injected it with powerless social religion. This is the reason why David Platt could look out over the T4G audience and ask, “Where are all the black people?”

Well, their churches have been gutted by Liberation Theology and Jesus blew out their candle sticks. That’s what happened.

It may surprise you to know exactly how quickly evangelicals got ‘woke’ and went full-tilt Marxist. Consider this from Anthony Bradley on the Glenn Beck’s Headline News program from back in 2008. The change is startling.

In the clip, Bradley attacks Liberation Theology in no uncertain terms. After all, he’s on the Glenn Beck program! Can you imagine how quickly he has changed positions?

“It’s all about black victimhood and ignoring progress,” Bradley is cited saying about Black Liberation theology.

Bradley continued on the program, “Sadly, many of these Black Liberation Theologians are stuck in the 1960s and this naturally leads into this idea that blacks are perpetually victims and are always victims of white supremacy and completely ignore the progress in the black community.”

Then, Bradley went on to attack Marxism and reparations.

Marxism is seen as the vehicle to bring about justice. And we know that’s all about government-forced wealth redistribution on behalf of people who didn’t earn their wealth.

And yet in June of 2018, Bradley wrote this article advocating for reparations! In the above video clip from 2008, he is adamantly against it!

Bradley is now all-in on Black Liberation theology, which as Glenn Beck says on the program with his agreement, “is acutally Marxist theology.”

How does someone change so quickly from a Glenn Beck pundit ranting against victimology, Marxism, Black Liberation Theology and reparations to – within one short decade – being hell-bent on advocating such things?

Listen, people. This shift is massive and tectonic. And philosophies don’t change this quickly without money passing hands. And no doubt, there is a ton of cash pouring into leftist evangelical institutions. We know that Soros, Riady, and the Kern Foundation are some of the sources.

We need to find where the money trail is coming from, where it’s going, and exactly how it affects the direction of American evangelicalism. This paradaigm shift is not organic.