James MacDonald Finds Cover in Charismaticism Amidst Controversy

Like his friend and fellow scandalized pastor, Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald is largely unwelcome anywhere in evangelicalism except for the dark, seedy corners of charismaticism.

Charismatics, modern practitioners of the ancient heresy of Montanism (also known as the “New Prophecy Heresy”), deny the sufficiency of Scripture by insisting that God continues to speak outside the Holy Bible, giving the Apostolic Sign Gifts to those who are not apostles. There is no place so evidently devoid of the Holy Spirit and His authentic Spiritual gifts than modern day charismaticism. Devoid of discernment (a gift of the Holy Spirit), charismatic circles serve as a cesspool for every kind of scandalized, unwanted, and unqualified peddler of spiritual goods known to man.

James MacDonald has largely become persona non grata in evangelicalism. Already having been canned from leadership (except for preaching) at his Harvest Bible Chapel, with the implosion of his church planting empire, with the repeated embezzlement or misuse of funds, with his own elders turning against him, with revelations of him violently stabbing photos of rival pastors, and with his lawsuits against journalists, MacDonald has had to cancel events at major conferences.

Last week, MacDonald was forced to cancel his speaking gig at the Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference, the denomination he joined after his own empire began to crumble. Most publications have turned on MacDonald and are reporting his misdeeds, such as suing journalists for being journalists which doesn’t really endear one to the press.

However, since Driscoll’s kingdom fell into scandal, MacDonald has found cover among charismatics who will accept just about anybody into their fold. Utterly devoid of the Holy Spirit, who convicts of sin, charismatics will embrace anyone despite their sin, scandal or lack of repentance.

While MacDonald has had damning pieces written about him in WorldMag, the Christian Post, the Chicago Daily Herald, and many other publications, there are a few publications that are not only ignoring the negative press but who are publishing MacDonald’s editorials as an expert on something other than being disqualified from ministry.

MacDonald’s work has increasingly been highlighted at Charisma News and his articles have been appearing there more frequently. Driscoll, who was once more Calvinistic than Charismatic, went full-blown Charismatic after the days of Mars Hill’s self-destruction. Charisma Media, the parent corp of Charisma Mag, is now publishing Driscoll’s latest book. After being guilty of plagiariasm in his previous books, who else would publish it but charismatics?

There is nothing that will make someone a more committed charismatic than being disqualified from ministry. Charismaticism serves as a City of Refuge for disgraced and scandalized pastors of every stripe.

Rather than be upset that charismatic believers, devoid of the Holy Spirit, seem to have no spiritual standards, we should be pleased that Driscoll and MacDonald are exactly where they belong…right next to Michael Brown, Jim Bakker, Jennifer LeClaire, and Sneaky Squid Spirits.