Amidst Controversy, James MacDonald Bows Out of SBC Pastor’s Conference

Remember when James MacDonald stormed the gates of Grace Community Church to pass out his continuationist garbage-book with Mark Driscoll? Remember when James MacDonald scoffed at Mark Dever and those who opposed the satellite church model, right before his own satellite empire collapsed? Remember when James MacDonald was fired as CEO of his church and retained just to preach? Remember when James MacDonald sued reporters for saying true things about him? Remember when James MacDonald brought in Oneness Pentecostal anti-Trinitarian and prosperity preacher, TD Jakes, at the Elephant Room and embraced him as a brother-in-Christ? This guy was invited to preach at the Southern Baptist Pastor’s Conference, apparently because he’s such a good example of what a pastor should be. He’s recently bowed out of the event, ostensibly because of controversies surrounding his pastorate. 

Whoever invited MacDonald to preach to Southern Baptist pastors at a pastors’ conference was insanely idiotic to begin with. Nonetheless, he’s now out. 

The Southern Baptist Convention is into celebrities, not soundness. 

Julie Roys, who herself was targeted by MacDonald for reporting truths about him and Harvest Bible Church, wrote a stunning investigative piece for World Magazine on December 13. Although MacDonald and Harvest deny her reporting (although not specifically), they are apparently reeling from the controversy. 

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