Video: Justin Peters Responds to Slander/Libel By Brannon Howse

[Update by JD: There are low-down dirty dogs who bite the hands that feed them. There are trial lawyers. There are dentists who are secret masochists. There are haters who hate the player, and not the game. In other words, there are lots of despicable creatures in the world. But then, to top them all, are people in journalism who file copyright claims on material that is clearly supported by the Fair Use Doctrine. Someone who does news and commentary- like Brannon Howse or Pulpit & Pen – relies on Fair Use as a part of our trade. A commentator who flags something as a copyright infringement when it complies with Fair Use is an insult to journalism. Brannon Howse flagged Justin Peters’ video on YouTube because it contained a short clip from Worldview Weekend; nevermind, apparently, that Howse’s video of Justin Peters was footage taken from the Judge Not Conference, likewise under Fair Use. To quote President Trump and Brannon Howse’s Twitter lexicon, “Sad!” Because YouTube considers you guilty until proven innocent, the video is (temporarily) down. Well, we’ve embedded the video into our post below, where Howse can’t touch it.]

Although he is often right about important issues, Brannon Howse has a scorched-earth policy towards those who disagree with him on non-essential matters. Angered that Justin Peters would politely disagree with James White’s 2017 Interfaith Dialogue but that Peters stopped short of outright condemning White, Howse set his sights on Peters and some of his other Worldview Weekend broadcasters who took a more measured approach of criticism. Howse dismissed Justin Peters and Mike Abendroth (who has wisely refused not to address the controversy at all) as Worldview Weekend broadcasters for not aggressively defending his pretty indefensible behavior. Soon, other Worldview Weekend broadcasters, like Jesse Johnson and Susan Heck, also left the network. Howse has since replaced that awesome lineup with a B-Team discernment blogger and personal hatchet man, Jeff the Gatekeeper. In short, the entire affair has been a giant clusterbomb of a situation for everyone involved, including Worldview Weekend.

Justin Peters’ ministry board issued a statement in response to some of the slander from Howse in 2017, which you can find here. They promised to release correspondence that would demonstrate – and I’m reading in between the lines here – that Howse is a pretty awful character on a personal level, should Howse continue in his repeated assaults.

Then, Peters noticed that Howse had made (or updated/re-uploaded) a blatantly untrue video attacking him this Spring. Peters did a response video this morning, with indisputable evidence that Howse knowingly bore false witness against him.

We have reviewed the video, and have found the evidence provided by Peters to be incontrovertible. Howse should immediately retract his video and apologize…contritely.

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