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ERLC Promises to “Change the Culture” With Your Financial Giving

Russell Moore and George Soros, who are both working together to change culture.

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission already siphons more than four million dollars anually from the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program. This means that when Southern Baptist laymen put their tithes and offerings into the local church offering plate, a percentage of their giving (varying from church to church) goes to the coffers of the SBC, and then the SBC sends that money to its various entities, including the ERLC.

In years past – back when the ERLC was slightly more conservative (and had poorer public relations) – Southern Baptists like Dave Miller called for a dismantling of the ERLC. Since the ERLC has taken a hard-left trajectory and thrown itself into the work of social justice, receiving the applause of political leftists and religious moderates alike, once-former critics like Dave Miller have changed their tune and champion the organization.

Since the tenure of Russell Moore began, the ERLC has:

Russell Moore is a “New Calvinist,” and a distinguishing mark of that theology is functional post-millennialism and desire to “redeem culture” rather than to preach the Gospel. New Calvinists like Moore, Tim Keller, and The Gospel Coalition have committed severe mission drift by attempting to infiltrate culture rather than beIng separate from it. Rather than confronting the culture for Christ, these men seek to conform the church to culture in the name of “missiology.”

The ERLC recently sent out a fundraising email, and the subject line said, “Make a gift, change the culture.” Of course, the Bible nowhere – nowhere – says it is the goal of Christianity to change culture. We are not culture-changers. We are Gospel preachers.

The content of the email then listed the ERLC accomplishments and goals…


While it is true that the ERLC stood for some of these things, what it omits is telling. The graphic omits that Russell Moore, by partnering with idolaters and Roman Catholics in the pursuit of an incrementalist, pro-life approach to ending abortion, has failed to make the Gospel of “first importance.” As important as ending genocide is, it’s not as important as the Gospel, which is repeatedly trashed by Russell Moore in the name of “engaging culture.”

While Russell Moore “stood strong against whie supremacy” the email neglects to point out the Moore was absolutely silent on the racist, pro-homosexual, anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement. Not a peep was said about any racism except that of “white supremacy.” The graphic says that they fought “for human dignity for every person,” but neglects to point out this is a reference to Moore’s tireless work in his partnership with true ultra leftist George Soros on the Evangelical Immigration Table, a Soros-front group designed to promote globablism and destroy national sovereignty.

While Russell Moore has claimed to “equip thousands” (that number was arbitrarily pulled out of thin air) to show “the truth and beauty of God’s design for his glory through Biblical marriages and family,” it neglects to point out that Moore attacked Kim Davis, Roy Moore, and others who have actually been on the front lines of promoting Biblical marriage, all while he was promoting “Christian Eunuch” theology, the idea that homosexual people do not need to repent of their desires so long as they don’t act upon them.

We do recognize that the ERLC has defended religious liberty, the graphic however fails to mention that it has primarily defended the religious liberty of Muslims. One would be hard pressed to find Christian causes that Moore has supported. He has not been an outspoken critic of laws or judges that insist Christian businesses cater to sodomy-based unions. In fact, Moore has been virtually silent on these matters, and he is increasingly heralded in popularity by the gay community.

Stop trying to change culture and start preaching the full counsel of God’s Word, allowing God to change the culture as He spirit decides.

Here’s John MacArthur on the futility of trying to change culture…