Bethel Church Children’s Pastor Teaching Telepathy

Seth Dahl is the children’s pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Recently, he posted a video teaching parents how to do telepathy with their children. Telepathy is the Eastern Mystic and Occultic practice of communicating between the minds of individuals without physical or verbal interaction.

Bethel Church is the flagship of the New Apostolic Reformation, is renown for throwing chicken feathers (which they claim are from angels) and glitter (which they claim is gold dust) from the rafters, for “grave sucking” from the graves of dead charismatic leaders (soaking up the anointing from the dead), and most recently, for defending the use of ‘Christian tarot cards.’ This is the man responsible for teaching their children…



Dahl explains that he has been able to communicate telepathically with his sick children.

“I call it ‘communicating spiritually with our children,” Dahl said in the video above. He continued, “I’m going to talk spiritually; I’m going to communicate from my spirit to her spirit. So what I would do is ask her a question silently, inside my spirit and ask [her] ‘what’s going on’…and immediately every time I’ve done this I’ve had an answer come. I’ve had thoughts about what they need that will help them.”

He explains that this is how he communicates with his children when they are young or sick, and he encourages parents to ask them “spirit to spirit” and says the children can “speak back to you.”

Dahl then gives tips for how to engage in the telepathy.

First, Dahl says, “The first thing you need to do is relax and not be stressed out or anxious. Move quickly into rest. Move quickly into trust.”

Second, Dahl says, “Become aware of the spiritual word inside of [you] and then you will become aware of the spirit inside of them.”

Third, Dahl says, “Ask them quietly in your spirit, what they need to help them.” He then explains that the child’s spirit will answer your spirit with what they need.

As evidence that the telepathy works, Dahl explained that he did this with his toddler the night before and discovered that the child just wanted Dahl to stand by him and pat his back while he slept.

Of course, none of this is Christian. This is adopted from a number of other religions, from ancient mysticism to New Age occultism. If the Holy Spirit was active at Bethel Church, he would gift them with discernment.


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