Bethel Rebukes ‘Christian Tarot’ Card Readers, Deletes Rebuke, Then Sticks Up for It

Kris Vallotton is trying to deceive the very people who should know better-the people who read what he says on his Facebook page! Within a 24 hour period he completely contradicted himself, without any explanation.

Yesterday, he harshly criticized (without naming them) Ken and Jenny Hodge for using “Christian Tarot Cards,” and he spoke as if these nameless people were not really connected to Bethel Church at all.  Here’s a screenshot of his post from yesterday that he erased later in the same day:


Today he calls them “amazing people” being “destroyed by fake news.”

Here’s what Vallotton posted this morning:

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.57.33 AM.png

What?? Vallotton himself is the one who was very critical of these people just 24 hours ago! 

Kris Vallotton IS the fake news! 


I (Steven Kozar) tried to comment on Vallotton’s Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.56.10 AM copy.jpg

But Vallotton had already blocked me, even though I never wrote on his wall!

Vallotton blocks me.jpg

Kris Vallotton is shamelessly manipulating his followers, just like Michael Brown. Vallotton is essentially saying to his gullible followers: “I know that I wrote a very public statement just yesterday condemning the practices of Ken and Jenny Hodge’s Christalignment Ministry and then I got all sorts of negative feedback from you people, and then I deleted the whole debate from my wall… but today I want us all to pretend it never happened, so I can now appear to be supportive of their ministry. Okay?” Vallotton’s gullible followers seem to be saying “Okay Kris, we will believe anything you tell us.”


[Editor’s Note: This is from Steven Kozar at Pirate Christian Radio’s Museum of Idolatry, republished by permission, originally entitled Kris Vallotton RUNS from his own Facebook Post!!]

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