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Charismatics Prophesy of Terrorism (Captain Obvious Rolls His Eyes)

Charisma Mag wants you to know that the nation’s “intercessors” and prophets are predicting terrorism. Predictions of precipitation, winter, and political unrest are forthcoming.

We know what you’re thinking. How brave and cutting edge is a prediction of coming terrorism or random violence? Modern charismatics want you to know that it’s a distinct possibility in the coming year.

Jared Laskey – pastor of Destiny Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia – wrote an urgent message in Charisma Mag, explaining that charismatics all across the country are convinced there may be coming attacks. He writes…

Since August of this year, I have been talking to fellow intercessors across the nation. They do not know one another nor have any communication between them, except that they know me. But from several of them I have heard the same prayer burdens, revelations and themes, and I have taken notice, sensing that it is time to share what they are hearing.

Laskey then goes on to list several prophets who all see the terror handwriting on the wall. These include his friends, Neil Peterson and Angelia Jones, who both have seen visions that “may” indicate America “could” be attacked.

This is a call to prayer. To not only pray against terrorist acts, but also for the church to reach refugees and foreigners with the gospel in the power of the Spirit. Healing and wholeness will come to veterans who have fought overseas when the church prays for them and includes them in ministering and protecting us once again.

Intercessors need to arise and pray for the plans of the evil one to be thwarted, and the church is to reach people with the power of the gospel. Prayer warriors are to pray for the safety and protection of our nation. Any potential terrorist attack can be averted when the church prays and fasts while bringing healing and wholeness to foreigners and veterans. By doing this, a revival will take place in our nation.

Note the “out” in the second paragraph. If terror attacks do not happen, these prophets will say that it’s because they prayed them away.

In the mean time, virtually every governmental agency, media agency, and person with common sense knows that terrorism regularly occurs, is occurring, and will continue to occur until Jesus returns. In fact, here’s a website that tracks all the current terror info, which you’ll find surprisingly more accurate than the hunch of charismatic prophets who got their prophecies from watching the news.

Prophets are not needed to read the headlines. Please note: None of these prophets provided in actionable intelligence to help thwart the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Not one. Don’t listen to them. They are deceived.