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Perry Noble Uses Filthy Hollywood PR Guy to Threaten P&P With Legal Action; Takes Article Offline

News Division

Crisis-Manager, Hunter Frederick

That’s a first. A post we published about Perry Noble threatening us with legal action completely disappeared from our website. It has also been taken down from Church Watch Central, a site that also ran the story. We reached out to Church Watch Central, and they were told that we (that is, Pulpit & Pen) removed the article because they brought legal action against us and we agreed it was erroneous. That did not happen. Not only did they not bring legal action (they only threatened it), we did not take the article down. Frederick’s outfit lied. The article they threatened us about, in fact, is still up online.


I am the owner of Pulpit & Pen (or “Pulpuit and Pen” as they called it). I took down nothing, and neither did we admit any “severe errors and slandrous [sic] accounts” (spellcheck, redneck) and furthermore, that was a completely different article.

[Update: They also did the same to a writer for the Berean Examiner, except they also promised her we would make a public apology, which – again – is a figment of their lying imagination]

That has never, ever happened before in the history of Pulpit & Pen. We are contacting our web host to determine exactly what screws were put to their thumbnails to make that happen. And so, we are posting the information again and also on a few sister sites…and if necessary we will do it again and again. It went down once, and it will go up on a half-dozen other sites. We’ve also made a permanent version of the site here.

Perry Noble, who was fired from New Spring Church for drunkenness and what best appears to be marital indiscretions (he has since divorced), sent his Public Relations guru to threaten P&P with a lawyer to make us retract our Constitutionally-protected religious opinion and commentary that is critical of the controversial ex-pastor. Specifically, their threat was related to the post about his divorce, here. Noble, in case you forget, made waves for playing Highway to Hell at Easter, for butchering the Ten Commandments so badly in a sermon he was officially rebuked by his own denomination, cussing at his church for wanting discipleship, and for – generally speaking – really, really bad theology.

Noble’s publicist, Hunter Frederick, contacted us regarding our criticism.

Our response, of course, was pretty typical for those who want to shut down truth-telling…

By the way, the Berean Examiner reports that the above quotation was fabricated.

So, let’s do an expose’ on the Public Relations guy – who professes Christ – whose job it is to “manage crisis” for rock star mega-church pastors and Hollywood actors and actresses who’ve lost favor in the public eye.

His name is Hunter Frederick, and he calls himself a “Publicist, Marketer, Crisis Manager, and Servant” and he operates a celebrity rehabilitation business. According to another polemicist who writes for the Berean Examiner – Frederick claims that he only takes clients who are repentant. In her post, Crisis Managed?, she reveals that Frederick was hired to rebuild the reputation of (unrepentant and continually deceptive) serial-adulterer, Tullian Tvchidjian. He also worked to rebuild the reputation of Michael Gungor, a CCM star to angered his fans for denying the inerrancy of Scripture.

Thankfully, the writer for the Berean Examiner’s associate, Marsha West, posted a link and excerpt from our post below, and it’s still available here

Berean Research’s writer has done some research into the “public relations and crisis manager” that’s threatening Pulpit & Pen with legal action, Hunter Frederick. According to  P&P:

She explains in her post, “Crisis Managed?,” that Frederick needs “to know they are repentant before [he] will work with them.”…“I called Frederick yesterday to ask him about his newest client, Tullian Tchividjian. After losing his ministry job last week, the former pastor contacted the agency, and on Monday, Frederick took him under counsel.”

So now Hunter Frederick has taken disgraced former pastor Perry Noble under counsel and, as you will see, Frederick’s now threatening P&P with legal action if they refuse to back off from telling the truth about Mr. Noble. Here’s what’s going on:

Perry Noble is the (formerly?) drunken pastor who played Highway to Hell on Easter Sundaycussed at his church members for wanting discipleship, was rebuked by his denomination for butchering the Ten Commandments, and who was released from his megachurch ministry position for unrepentance regarding alcohol and what appears to be marital indiscretions. Recently, we brought to you news of his divorce. Prior to that, we brought to you news that he was launching a ministry to help pastors grow their churches through what is essentially a business model.

Perry Noble, whose church had to reiterate that he was not qualified for ministry when he refused to leave the pulpit (preaching at other churches) in June, has hired a “Christian” public relations professional who helps disgraced mega-ministers rebuild their reputations after moral failure.

Yes, you may not have known it, but helping morally disqualified ministers remain in the pulpit is an actual profession. Noble’s PR guy is named Hunter Frederick and advertises himself as a “public relations and crisis manager.” He bills himself as a well-meaning “servant” of Jesus. In fact, he’s a sleazy opportunist who seeks to help fallen ministers be restored – not by churches who have gauged their repentance – but in the public eye, so they can continue to make money and stay on the job even though they’ve been biblically disciplined.

Frederick contacted Pulpit & Pen today, identified himself as Noble’s “publicist,” and told us to change our critical articles about the charlatan. Because Frederick has provided his PR services to fallen ministers like Tullian Tchividjian (who had multiple extramarital affairs) and Michael Gungor (who angered his followers by denying the inerrancy of Scripture), his reputation preceded him

Now, what we didn’t say in that post – but what we’ve since discovered, is that Frederick was the publicist for Lindsay Lohan (source link). One wonders how “repentant” the bi-sexual, God-hating drug addict was before he started to serve as her publicist. What does it say that this professing Christian just “trying to help” megachurch pastors restore themselves to ministry also works to rebuild the reputation of Lindsay Lohan?

The level of scumbaggery doesn’t stop there. Consider these screenshots of Frederick’s depravity on social media, conversing with homosexual pal, Perez Hilton. First though, this one from Instagram. Notice the lyrics he’s repeating…

This shot is a silhouette of Lindsay Lohan when the two were together at luxury Hotel in Hollywood…

His colleague and confidant, “Hollywood’s hottest celebrity gossip columnist shouting him some Twitter love…

Does any of this seem like repentance to you? Listen, Ergun Caner’s attempt to “Canerize” the truth led to him having to declare bankruptcy. Clayton Jenning’s attempt at cover-up led to the stripping of his book deal and crashing of his tour. Louisiana College’s attempt to cover up their corruption led to a loss of 45 million dollars and their SACS accreditation being revoked. This garbage will not work. We have brought down institutions. Light will not be squashed by whiny darkness.

In the meantime, we are moving our website to a private server in a jurisdiction where we will not have to worry about legal threats and censorship. We have also contacted our attorney to apprise him of this situation and given the provenly untruthful communication with ChurchWatch Central, we will seek legal repercussion. Again, this strategy of Perry Noble and cesspool public relations guru, Hunter Frederick, will not work.

[Contributed by JD Hall]