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Charismatics in Africa Abuse Church Members in the Name of the Holy Spirit

For gullible evangelicals, Africa is the magic land of miracles where all the charismatic phenomenon is on display, miles away from video cameras, skepticism and critical minds. Every time doubt is cast upon charismatic claims, Africa will be referenced as a case-in-point.

Raising the dead today? Todd Bentley has done that…in Africa.

That one guy who got saved by smoking tobacco in Bible pages? Yeah….happened in Africa.

Somebody spoke in actual tongues? Yeah, we heard that from a missionary…in Africa.

Charismatic tall tales thrive in African folklore for the same reason that palm-readers and tarot card soothsayers set up shop in the poorer parts of town. The lower the socio-economic status and lower the education of the culture or subculture, the more that population is prone to suffer under the bondage of spiritual superstition. Charismatics have set up shop wherever superstition thrives and people are the most gullible. In reality, the charismatic spell on the continent of Africa is little more than a satanic stronghold, keeping its people enslaved to the sub-Christian religion of Montanism and inoculating them against an authentic gospel.

Pastor Busoga of Uganda has told his congregation that if he steps on unclean ground as he comes into the church service, he won’t be able to release miracles. Apparently having not heard of the invention of carpet, the members of his congregation form a human linoleum, laying upon the ground so the pastor can step on them on his way into the building. This was reported in various East African press outlets later last week.

You needn’t forget the time that “Prophet” Penuel Mnguni, the General Overseer of The End Times Disciples Ministries in South Africa, told his church members to prove their spiritual commitment by eating the church carpet. He claimed that God had declared the carpet clean and it was edible, so his congregation got on all fours and began to eat the flooring. This would release their supernatural “breakthrough” they were waiting for.

The world was stunned to see a congregation on all fours, shoving carpet into their face as fast as possible. When publicized, the church rigorously defended their charismatic pastor as a man of God through whom came signs and wonders, proving his status as a prophet.

The same pastor had declared snakes to be chocolate and commanded his congregation to eat it, which they readily did (alive). The pictures there are as you would imagine. Earlier, he had told his female congregants to strip for him and then stepped on them to squeeze out their demons (which makes total sense).

Another African pastor recently made rounds on the Interwebs for making congregation members follow him around on all fours, citing John 10:27. Sheep know their shepherd, he claimed, and so the church members started acting like sheep and began to follow him around on hands and knees.

Charismaticism is a tool of Satan, used to enslave people to vain spiritual superstitions. There is a direct correlation to charismatic claims and unabashed superstition, and perhaps nowhere is that correlation better seen than the continent of Africa. Crossing land and sea to make converts twice the sons of hell that they are, America’s charismatics have created this environment overseas, and people desperately needing the Gospel are beings scorched by Strange Fire.