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Russell Moore Trolls Protestants on Reformation Day, Touts Unity with Catholics

In a tweet probably designed to be pithy or cute, Russell Moore has drawn ire in social media for what basically amounts to trolling for reaction on Reformation Day. Tweeting a picture of a Russell Moore bobblehead placed between a Pope bobblehead and Martin Luther bobblehead, Moore said, “A uniter, not a divider. #Refo500.”

Of course, the tweet would be funnier if Russell Moore hasn’t repeatedly made overtures to Roman Catholics, insisted they are brothers and sisters in Christ, and had fostered ecumenical unity between Roman idolaters and Protestants. Given Moore’s ecumenical agenda, the tweet is significantly less funny than he intended it.

The tweet drew a negative response from many, who were apparently in no mood to joke around about unity with Catholics on the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.


Many expressed disbelief that Moore would tweet such a thing. But knowing Moore’s ecumenism, it’s not really a joke. He is being very, very real.