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Steven Furtick Exposits Alexa, Equates God with Artificial Intelligence

It’s not the Babylon Bee satire site. It’s just another day in the life of Steven Furtick.

Fiction couldn’t be any more absurd than the reality at Elevation ‘Church.’ Furtick released a video in which he exposits his relationship with Alexa, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant created and marketed by Amazon. In what appears to be a stand-up comedy routine, Furtick explains that Alexa is a lot like God and then plays an (apparently) amusing home video of his son interacting with Alexa.

Furtick’s son is checking his homework using the AI, to the amusement of the congregation. He then draws a comparison to King David “checking” God’s will by inquiring of God. Furtick then goes on a bizarre preaching rampage and calls for the organ to play its “preacher chords.”

Most recently, Furtick preached a message called “The conTENtment Commandments,” in which he gave his own version of the Ten Commandments, except they were made up off the top of his head and dealt with the topic of contentment. Who needs the Bible when you have an entertainer?