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Did Hillsong Leader, Brian Houston, Lie Under Oath to Royal Commission?

I once heard a colleague make the eyebrow-raising statement, “I’d sooner put a Roman Catholic priest in charge of the nursery than a Pentecostal in charge of the worship music.” A foolhardy and controversial statement, indeed, nonetheless not without warrant. But what would be worse is if both were true.

Frank Houston, the deceased founder of Hillsong Church in Australia, was a confessed child molester–and a charismatic. He was no Roman Catholic priest, but he did run the church as the head of a top-down style ecclesiological system. If you’re unaware of the Hillsong scandal that’s been going on for years, Frank Houston confessed to molesting several children while he was the head of the church to his son, Brian Houston, the current leader. Brian Houston has now been under investigation by Australia’s Royal Commission for his possible role in sweeping his father’s crimes under the rug. During the investigation, Brian Houston made the following claims to the Royal Commission:

  1. That Frank “never, ever preached again anywhere after I confronted him.”
  2. That he was upfront about the crimes of his father to his congregation

According to the news article at The Guardian, the evidence shows that Brian Houston’s claims were false and that Frank preached at least one other time in Canberra a month later. This was in 1999.

Fast forward five years later, according to one watchdog news source, it may possibly be concluded that Frank Houston was still preaching (in this video) as late as 2004, just a short time before his death. The report states,

The audio reveals Frank speaking in a church service, talking after his wife’s death in 2004. At the 35:55 mark, the congregation informs Frank that the date was the twelfth, the audio inaudible as to what month. However, Frank asked a woman when her birthday was and she claimed, “Two days ago, Friday.”

We can conclude that Frank Houston preached the above sermon on Sunday, the 12th of September, 2004. We can also conclude he is definitely preaching in a church due to the fact there is a worship team, a congregation laughing and people who knew him. So the attached commentary has accurately described the time when Frank Houston preached. However, the heading of the audio states that Frank preached at Hillsong. We are led to believe this considering the heading also states Frank preached “Sept 2004.”

Evidence suggests that this sermon was at Hillsong and judging by the dialogue between Frank and the congregation, they appear to be familiar with him. At 12:25, Frank says: “These folk were at Hazel’s funeral. You were there, weren’t you? Yeah.”

The audio also suggests that Frank Houston was pointing around the room where he preaching, describing the event: “Down there was packed. They were out on the veranda outside.”

Below is the audio of the sermon being referenced in the commentary above.

It should be noted that it is a serious offense to lie to the Royal Commission of Australia. If the allegations are proven to be true, Brian Houston could be facing serious jail time. The Royal Commission Act of 1928 states that “Any witness before a Royal Commission who knowingly gives false testimony touching any matter, material in the inquiry being made by the Commission, shall be guilty of an indictable offence,” with a penalty of three years imprisonment.

But what is far worse than the crimes against humanity that this godless organization has perpetuated is its soul-damning charismatic false worship that acts as a snare to lure people into its grasp of carnality and licentiousness. Pulpit & Pen has documented the problems that Hillsong is riddled with, from Carl Lentz, NYC pastor denying that Jesus is the only way to a relationship with God to parading their youth pastor on stage in his underwear in front of thousands of women. We’ve also written extensively on how their music is a spiritual danger for your church. This is the real danger that comes from this idolatrous system of pagan spirituality. While their fruitless deeds of darkness certainly characterize their bad theology, it is the bad theology itself that is the true threat to the world.

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. –Matthew 10:28