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Vatican Shields Pedophile from American (and probably any) Prosecution


The Roman Catholic priesthood attracts – or creates – pedophiles. Whether it’s forbidding priests to marry or its general satanic corruption, there has perhaps been no religion on Earth more associated with the molestation of children. To this day, the systemic and institution pedophilia continues in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Vatican announced on Friday that U.S. officials notified them that one of its diplomats (they have four on staff in Washington D.C.) at the United States embassy had been suspected of child pornography. The American authorities asked the Vatican to officially repeal the suspected pervert’s diplomatic immunity. The Vatican refused to remove his diplomatic immunity and put him on a plane to the Vatican. Because the Vatican essentially serves as its own state, it alone will be responsible for investigating, trying and sentencing the diplomat for his alleged pedophilia.

The Vatican has been notoriously lax on pedophilia and did not officially condemn the possession of child pornography until 2014 in the “Holy See’s” official comments on “Convention on the Rights of a Child.” Should the Vatican investigate, charge and convict the diplomat for crimes against children committed while in the United States (which is unlikely), he faces a maximum of 2 years in prison and a 12 thousand dollar fine. Should he have been convicted in the United States, he would have faced a maximum of 30 years in prison. But in fact, the Vatican has a huge backlog of unaddressed sexual abuse cases, and it’s unlikely the diplomat will be investigated or tried anytime soon.

The connection between the Papist religion and pedophilia is well documented. For a list of “priests” accused of sexual crimes upon children, click here. But be forewarned – it might take a few days to go through, and that database is only for the United States.

The current holder of the Anti-Christ’s office, Pope Francis, promised to get tough on the plague of child molestation among Roman Catholic leaders. His first real test was Cardinal George Pell, one of the Pope’s chief advisors – who was wanted in Australia for crimes against children earlier this summer. Francis defended his friend and papal leader, and attacked the victims of his alleged sexual abuse as being guilty of “relentless character assassination.”