Jory Micah Added to Female Preachers Conference

You might know Jory Micah.

Most recently, Micah denied inerrancy on Twitter, and in defense, doubled-down by denying the Trinity. She’s gained attention after being dismissed from her teaching position at a school that believes in ordaining women, and claimed that it was because she was a woman. Making herself a victim of patriarchist sexism, she has garnered a certain following of similarly maddened, temperamentally cross-eyed, hostile women who are angry with what they perceive mistreatment from the man-centered church. In fact – given the school’s already-unorthodox position on ordaining women, chances are that Micah’s firing probably had something more to do with her blathering of nonsense, unconquerable ignorance of the Scripture and aspiring to be the marshal of a parade of scornful and rebellious women. For a general run-down of her theological problems, click here.

Micah’s goal in life is to usurp the role of male leadership and life motto is, “Yea, and hath the Word of God really said?” As a part of that inspiration, she has planted a “church” and hopes to take up a career in violating 1 Timothy 2:12. She’s getting closer to that goal, although it seems unlikely that men would want to hear her preach anytime soon. The aforementioned similarly maddened, temperamentally cross-eyed, hostile and angry women, on the other hand, do want to have Jory scratching their itching Henry’s Pocket.

Micah will preach – according to her Twitter account – at the 2018 “Nevertheless She Preached” Conference. The name is ironic, and we are left to presume that the “Nevertheless” refers to what God’s word says.


In case you’re wondering exactly what herd the cows of Bashan trot with, Allyson Dylan Robinson is an LGBTQXYZLMNOP activist, Emmy Kegler is a Lutheran impastor who conducts sodomy-based union ceremonies, Courtney Pace teaches that “if the church doesn’t let those God called serve, God will work outside the church,” Irie Session “re-examines Bible stories” to denounce “patriarchy and pedagogy,” and the special music – Jennifer Knapp – is the Contemporary Christian Music star-turned sodomite.

Next year, Jory is speaking. It is unknown at this time what radically unrepentant, unregenerate sinner they will have lead worship to accompany her.

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