A Response to Peter Olsen’s Open Letter to Franklin Graham

Dear Peter Olsen,

You recently wrote an open letter to Pastor Franklin Graham rebuking him for his call to stand against persecution and attacks against our religious liberties in America. In this letter, you twist God’s word to suit your socialistic worldview, equating the biblical mandate of feeding our hungry enemies with affirming their perverse and sinful deeds.

Referring to Graham’s stance against business owners being forced to “bake a cake for people whose conduct you find personally offensive,” you said, “if all of us small church pastors refused to bury everyone whose conduct we didn’t approve of, the country would be ten feet deep in corpses!” What a ridiculous comparison. Graham is not talking about “burying people,” he’s talking about being forced to partake in their sin by using their skills and talents to further advance a perverse worldview–and for money.

You claim to be a pastor, yet you speak very bold socialistic, progressive, and gay-affirming language as if there is no persecution against Christians except when the Muslims burn Coptics at the stake. And by the way, Coptics are not Christians either, and instead of affirming them in their idolatry, we should be giving them the gospel too.

At any rate, let’s lay the facts out on the table for a moment. At the time these sodomites confronted the Christians and sought their “gay affirmation” they were seeking to have a ceremony for a union that was not yet legal, yet they filed suit against these Christians for not baking a cake for their twisted ceremony in their own establishment. So, not only have you supported a violation of God’s moral law, which of course is the highest law, you have also supported a violation of civil law.

As for the duty of these believers who refused to partake in this debauchery, “what fellowship has light with darkness, what accord does Christ have with Belial?” (2 Corinthians 6:14-17) The answer is none.

And lest I forget, there is nothing in our constitution that states that anyone can be forced to perform a service of any kind against their will or conscience–that would be slavery or servitude.

It is the socialist in our society that has convinced our nation that everyone has a right to something, including your services. We have taught this nation that you have a right to a good living with housing, amenities, and food, with a fat paycheck for little work. Our nation is told they have a right to free healthcare and other government services. But worse than that, we are told that we have the right to have our perverse beliefs and lifestyles affirmed by everyone. We are now being led to believe that our religious liberties are secondary to other people’s feelings to the point that our actual rights are being violated simply to appease the demands of the world that Christians must submit to a secular worldview. This boils down to not only tolerance of but a gross affirmation of aberrant beliefs about sexual identity. Society demands that service is not refused–our conscience does not matter.

Sir, you called yourself a pastor. My question is, by what standard to you dare say that?

Your position is definitely not a biblical position, but it will certainly earn you points with the pagans of the world who hate everything that God calls Holy. Some men should stick to flipping burgers rather than attempting to speak for God, and you sir should consider the stricter judgment you will face for affirming sin rather than exposing it.

As for Pastor Graham, I might not agree with everything he does, but I thank him for standing where cowards like you fear to tread. We have too many so-called pastors who are too weak to stand where the men of God must and I appreciate him for doing his best to stand alone in a storm of the world’s hate against biblical truth and Berean, Christian discernment.

Pastor Justin Pierce
Grace Life Church, Tri-Cities, TN

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