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Tami Breaks Free of Beth Moore: A Testimony

The following is a personal testimony submitted to Pulpit & Pen:

My name is Tami, I have been a Christian for 15 years. I am from Kansas where I attend an Evangelical Free church. I have broken free from Beth Moore.

I was born and raised Catholic. A turning point in my life was when I decided to study the scriptures for myself to see what God had to say about my religion and its traditions. Before then, I didn’t know the Bible at all. I had never studied it before but rather trusted what my priest or others said and taught. Studying the scriptures caused me to leave the Roman Catholic Church altogether. I came to the realization that the Catholic religion wasn’t Biblical. I realized that I was in sin and engaged in unbiblical practices such as praying to Saints. I was lost and clearly in need of salvation. God provided that salvation to me by His grace. I repented of my sin and trusted Christ as my savior.

Having left the Roman Catholic Church, I was in search of Christian teaching. One source I found was Beth Moore. I used to love to listen to her. She was so entertaining. Her stories fascinated me. I enjoyed how she shared her experiences with God and how God spoke to her. I remember thinking how amazing it was that God always spoke to Beth and how He treated her in such amazing ways. Even better than her books were her videos. Seeing and hearing Beth Moore tell her stories made them come alive. In particular, I remember watching Beth Moore tell her infamous hairbrush story. I laughed so hard seeing her explain it. Over the years, I’ve come to learn that the grip Beth Moore, the storyteller, has over her followers isn’t so funny. This is because Beth Moore, the Bible teacher, sorely lacks soundness.

Over the past few years, I have begun to learn more as a Christian and grow in my walk with Christ. Not too long ago, I was invited to a conference where bible scholar and evangelist Justin Peters spoke. Peters didn’t rely on exciting stories or personal words from God to get his point across. He relied on scripture. His presentation made me rethink the way I approached the Christian media I consumed. Peters spoke strong words against false teachers, he was very critical of name-it-and-claim-it preachers. It was quite a shock. I remember sitting there thinking, “Wow, he’s saying some harsh stuff.” But it was good, Biblical stuff! It was the hard truth that I need to hear. Even though it was challenging, I was thankful for Peters’ bluntness. He admonished us to test all teachers by the scriptures. After the conference was over, I wanted to buy a book so that I could learn more but wasn’t sure what to buy. I asked the woman behind the book sales table what she would suggest and she picked up a book and handed it to me. The book was Is that You Lord? by Gary Gilley. I went home and read it.

Gilley’s book was eye-opening. It was also very hard to read because it spoke out against much that I was practicing and believing in my life. Like Beth Moore, I was claiming that God spoke to me in my heart and telling stories of how I could just feel God telling me all these things in my spirit. After I finished Is that You Lord? I questioned all of that. I began to test things by God’s word. I discovered that my personal notions often went against scripture. I was believing a great deal of false teachings. This concerned me deeply. The next time I had an opportunity to sign up for a Beth Moore study, I hesitated. I decided that I should test her teachings first. I went home and listened to some of her videos again and looked up reviews of her studies and books. I saw some things that I failed to see before and it shocked me. Much of what Beth Moore was teaching sounded like Word-Faith error. She would even argue back and forth with God. The people in the Bible were often terrified or in awe when God spoke to them; this didn’t seem to be the case with Moore. Looking at Beth Moore with a critical eye really changed my opinion of her. She had been saying “God told me, ” so much that I had become desensitized to it. I concluded that God wasn’t telling her.

I’m very grateful that my eyes have been opened because even today Moore is continuing to speak the same way and teach the same things. I have also noticed she is now teaching women to have a romance with God. Because of this, I see the need to warn women of her false teaching and I have a strong desire to share truth with them so they can finally have their eyes opened as well. I want to point people away from Beth Moore and towards the Scriptures. I hope you’ll consider my words and think about your own experiences with Beth Moore.

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