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Beth Moore Teams Up With Prosperity Preachers at Hillsong Conference

Want dryness relief? You won’t find it in Beth Moore. Wherever she is, you are sure to find a hormone-filled hullabaloo of female falsity. But usually, her events are geared toward leading women astray–though many men do frequent her events. This year, she’s being shipped in all the way from the states to Sydney, Australia, to preach her flimflam at the largest Hillsong event of the year.

Slated for this year’s line-up, Beth Moore will be on stage with Craig Groeschel, John Gray, Jentezen Franklin, and Lauren Daigle. This team is sure to be a hit among the biblically inept young masses who are seeking a pious thrill with temporary motivation to “work harder” at “making life better.”

John Gray is an associate pastor at Lakewood Church. Yes, you heard that right. Lakewood Church–founded and misled by the notorious, nefarious, Bible-twisting, Gospel-perverting Joel Osteen. Gray is described as a “dynamic Bible teacher, comedian, musician, singer and actor…a talented man of God” Of course, Osteen himself is given far greater accolades than that on the same website. Therefore, it’s safe to say, you can expect nothing less than flagitious false teaching from him. Jentezen Franklin is a popular Word of faith teacher who runs around with heretics like T.D. Jakes. Franklin appeals to the masses by teaching seed-faith theology, contemplative spirituality, and seeker-sensitive drivel, while minimizing the actual gospel.

Beth Moore is no different, however, as her fanciful fables and dreams and visions she allegedly and persistently receives from God, she can sure garner an applause from a crowd that likes to be entertained. She prances around with shovels complaining about how people complain about her false teachings while pleading with evangelicals to unite with Roman Catholics in the cause for Christ because “god showed me so.” This year at Hillsong, the most notorious church for propagating a false Jesus, mainly through its music, will be nothing less than an impressive display of blither, and you can certainly count on a mediocre, if any, presentation of the true gospel.

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