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Christian Family Church of Tampa, Pastor Rob Mallan, to Have Unrepentant Predator Preach

If someone was exposed for using their public ministry, through the entire course of their public ministry, to talk young Christian women into fornication with them, would you have them preach at your church?
What if that individual didn’t repent for getting young women drunk, having sex with them, and giving them the abortion pill? What if their elders tried to work with them toward “restoration” but saw that they were unrepentant, not sorry, and defiant? What if their mentor, who had publicly agreed to help “restore” him, ended up publicly repudiating him because all he wanted to do was get back in the spotlight?
What if that individual never contacted his victims (to whom he lied, promised marriage, and told them God wanted them to have sex) to apologize? What if he continued to contact his victims to urge them to be quiet? What if he actually started attacking his elders and those who exposed him?
Would you have that charlatan preach at your church?
It seems that Pastor Rob Mallan of “Christian Family Church” in Tampa would.
Keep in mind, Clayton Jennings’ elders have handed him over to satan for the destruction of his flesh and revoked his ministry license, but Rob Mallan and Christian Family Church believe he’s still qualified to preach to their people.

To read up on Clayton Jennings and his very, very public unrepentance from many different news sources, click here.
For Pastor Mallan to hashtag his unfathomable disinterest in Clayton’s soul, the souls of his church and the bodies of the young women in his audience #Jesus, is near-demonic. Members of Christian Family Church in Tampa, won’t you speak out on the insanity of having this unrepentant, disciplined and probably unconverted man preach to your congregation?