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NAR Prophetess, Jennifer Eivaz, Sees California Turning Red, God’s Blessings Flooding In

News Division

This camp is always talking about seeing a “new thing,” or some kind of “shift” in the movement of the Holy Spirit. Recently, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) prophetess, Jennifer Eivaz wrote about a vision she had from an Angel by the name “209.” In the NAR world, angels are given numbers based on various aspects of their characteristics.

While my interns were prophesying during their training class, I saw in the spiritual realm an angel named 209. The angel was a little larger than a normal sized man. He was all white, including his robe, and radiated with glory. His wings were fluttering rapidly as if he was ready to go and do something glorious. I knew exactly why he had come. This angel was a territorial angel assigned to the 209 region (209 is an area code) here in Central California.

As though God assigns angels to “territories” based on man-made telephone borders, I decided to look up this “Angel 209” and found the following:

Number 209 is a compilation of the energies of number 2, the influences of number 0 and the vibrations of number 9. Number 2 adds its energies of diplomacy and co-operation, consideration for others, finding balance and harmony, duality, devotion and selflessness, faith and trust and your life purpose and soul mission. Number 0 represents the beginning of a spiritual journey and stands for potential and/or choice, developing spiritual aspects, eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. Number 0 powerfully amplifies the energies of the numbers it appears with. Number 9 resonates with leading by positive example, Lightworkers and Lightworking, philanthropy and humanitarianism, problem solving, generosity and benevolence, the Universal Spiritual Laws, Karma and the Spiritual Law of Karma. Number 9 also relates to endings and conclusions.

Now, if this sounds “new-agey,” it’s because it is. False prophets and false teachers don’t rely on the Word of God to guide them to completeness and equip them for every good work (2 Tim 3:16-17). No, they receive extra-biblical revelations from sources not spoken of in Scripture. They mix false religions with what appears to be true Christianity giving themselves a form of godliness but denying its power (2 Tim 3:5).

Jennifer Eivaz is no exception. She blatantly denies the sufficiency of Scripture and has made a laundry list of spurious allegations against the Holy Spirit she claims she received in this vision where she supposedly saw this “Angel 209.” According to her recent blog post, she sees a major shift in the United States.

I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to write, “You have deeply prayed for righteousness. You have vehemently prayed down lawlessness. You are seeing the fruit of your prayers. Boundaries and borders are being established in the nation as lawlessness is being firmly challenged. Still, America will not lose her compassion. She is still a melting pot, but I am remolding this melting pot to prevent a melt-down. Be flexible and optimistic with change. In the midst of change, remember that I AM still mercy. The scepter of mercy will continue in America. Therefore, don’t be discouraged by the angry clamor. Turn off the clatter, don’t be alarmed, and listen to Me. I am moving things into place. I am working on behalf of this nation.”

In this vision, she saw what she calls “black lids” covering large areas of the nation including entire cities. These lids, she writes, were “in place to cover, silence, and muffle the gospel from being preached in America. They were rules, regulations, court orders, and penalties, etc.” She then supposedly sees these lids of “unreasonable fees, penalties, fines, inflated pricing, excess charges, etc.” being lifted in the coming days. She says it’s these “lids” that have discouraged the church and “righteous people” from doing the work of ministry in America.

Scripture, on the other hand, says that much of the church is worldly and apathetic to the things of God–and this is why they don’t do the work of ministry (Revelation 3:16). The world has always been hostile to the gospel, yet this has never hindered God’s purposes from being carried out. It is not government fees and regulations that have hindered the gospel from being preached in America. This is a ridiculous and exaggerated claim.

She continues, however, claiming that God “gave her a word that the droughts were over” in California. The rains “came almost immediately” after this, she says “the rains came pouring, and then flooding, into the area the very next week.” Of course, the local television station can also somewhat accurately predict rain a week in advance, so I’m not really impressed with this so-called prophetic vision. Further, in Scripture, floods are actually a sign of God’s wrath against an evil society. However, she goes on to make a number of prophecies concerning the state of California based off this vision. But the next thing she says is what is really interesting. “I’ve seen blueprints from heaven slowly descending upon the state. They are blueprints to change this blue state to red,” she writes.

There is a challenge to corruption coming to California. There is a scrutiny and a shaking coming our way. I’ve watched these blueprints come down and then float back up, and then sometimes they hover over the land right in mid-air. These blueprints are in the balance as of now, but I heard it was a new breed of “red.”

The says that because the will of the people of California has been overruled by the “powers of darkness” in California twice regarding “traditional marriage,” that the people of California have planted a “double seed” of righteousness and will “reap double for their trouble.” How ridiculous! The people of California got exactly what they ask for. The people of California have continued to vote in godless legislators who pass unrighteous laws. The people of California have not willed righteousness for their state and the people of California, as with the rest of the nation, are under the judgment of God for their wicked deeds.

But I digress. “I’m hearing the distinct sound of Jehu throughout the state. It’s coming from the men! There is a new man uprising,” she writes.

Concerning this new-age entity she refers to as “Angel 209,” she says the following:

In the recent past, there had even been a powerful revival known as the “209 awakening.” This angel had come to wake up and stir up the 209 area once again. Those in the 209 will continue to grow in their core strengths of intercession, deliverance, worship, and holiness. There will be more signs and wonders! Even more miracles and salvations! To the 209, “You are powerful discerners and hate compromise. You remain a challenger and contender to the occult powers. You must now press in for business development like never before and take your seats of authority in the state. You must firmly challenge and overcome forces of poverty and get a stronger, more governmental mindset.”

It’s rather peculiar that she would say “you remain a challenger and contender to the occult powers.” Considering that the occult is exactly what she is defiling herself with familiar spirits (Leviticus 19:31). What Jennifer Eivaz is practicing epitomizes the occult. She seeks to contact the spirit realm for knowledge not revealed to us in the Word of God. The Scriptures say to pay no attention to these people, for doing so will turn God’s wrath against you (Leviticus 20:6). She is no different than the fortune teller in the shack down the street, except that she blasphemes the Holy Spirit with her spurious claims.

Of course, no false prophecy is complete without a prophetic vision of superficial “unity.” She goes on to write,

You will experience a new round of unity. There are new sounds, new breeds, and different revival voices emerging from each of these areas. Competition and striving is being set aside, while unity is being made alive. One new man, one new church, and a beautiful harmony up and down the state. There is a new sword coming to the word being preached. There is a shout down of compromise. There is a violent prayer rumble for holiness and revival.

This, however, is diametrically opposed to the Scriptures. There is no such promise of a “new church,” or a “new man” anywhere in the Word of God. The Church was founded on the Apostles and Prophets with Jesus Christ himself as the chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20). “For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ,” says 1 Corinthians 3:11. Christ founded His Church and that Church is not “new.” For in order to build a new Church, a new foundation would have to be laid.

RCFolks, this woman is dangerous and needs to be exposed for the worker of iniquity that she is. If you know anyone who follows this woman, or any other false apostle or false prophet, please warn them to flee from them. These people bring death and destruction. They appear to be godly, desiring good, moral, and godly things, but they are wicked and seek to destroy the true Church.

And what I am doing I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do.  For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. — 2 Corinthians 11:12-15

[Contributed by Pulpit & Pen]