Rap Artist, Sho Baraka, Dropped from Lifeway for "Explicit" Language

Warning: This post includes citations of mild coarse language. 
Last week we brought to you the news that quasi-Reformed rapper, Sho Baracka, liked to smoke the dope in the post, Christian Hip-Hop Artist, Sho Baraka, Endorses Recreational Marijuana. This week we report to you that Lifeway “Christian” Resources has dropped Sho Baraka from their stores and online sales website, not because of his advocacy for the recreational use of mind-altering drugs, but for vulgarity.
Sources report that Lifeway dropped Baraka’s album because it contained the word, “penis” as well as irreverent language towards infidelity and sexual fornication. The vulgar line in question is…

I was an insecure boy who just thought he was a genius
But always pissed off, that’s because I thought with my penis
It’s all strategic, I’m just asking us the reason
Share my faith on the track, I’m just exorcising demons

In retort, Baraka pointed out that Lifeway sells a how-to sex book for married couples that not only includes the word “penis” but uses terms like “Mr. Happy” in reference to the sexual organ (link).
Baraka speaks frequently of need for “racial justice” and “social justice,” is a socially-progressive liberal, and has referred to black Republicans like Alan Keyes a “token.” He has insinuated that Lifeway’s decision means that they’re unable to fully sympathize or support the black evangelical and that they’re ignorant of their culture. Ironically, Lifeway made this decision during Black History Month, in which Evangelical Intelligentsia at organizations like Lifeway, the ERLC, and the Gospel Coalition are falling over each other to prove who is most sensitive to black evangelical culture and promoting racial justice.
As previously reported, Sho Baraka – who attends a Southern Baptist Church in Atlanta – is perhaps the most prominent artist on the recording label and “collective,” Humble Beast, which is under the ecclesiastical authority of Art Azurdia’s Trinity Church in Portland (link).
While one can understand that speaking frivolously of past sexual escapades (or seemingly so) might be problematic for Lifeway, we would remind you of the far more troubling things that Lifeway sells to its majority-white customer base:

Anti-Trinitarian, Modalist, Oneness-Pentecostal, Word-Faith, Prosperity preacher, TD Jakes (link)

A theoerotic book that mentions the author flying to Paris to “make love to God” by Anne Voskamp (link)

A book claiming to be direct, divine revelation straight from Jesus by Sarah Young (link)

The works of dual-covenant theologian and Christian mystic, John Hagee (link)

A book of astrological omen interpretation from failed prophet, Jonathan Cahn (link)

While Lifeway executives may not be all-in on Christian rap, they seem to be all-in on things even more concerning…straining gnats and swallowing camels.

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