Heresies: Universalism

Heresies: Universalism

Universalism (Universalism) is the doctrinal heresy that all people will be redeemed to God, and that all people will saved eternally. The term itself developed in 1820 in association with the Christian Universalist ‘Church’ that was founded a few decades before. Not all Universalists are a part of that denomination, however.
Along with denying the human occupancy of hell, Universalists typically refer to the “brotherhood of mankind” and that God is father to the entire world.
This heresy has effected many denominations,Christian churches, and sub-christian sects including Quakers, Methodists, Primitive Baptists, many especially liberal denominations and the Roman Catholic Church (although none of those groups embrace universalism in the majority or in their official teachings).
Whereas it is exceedingly difficult to find any organized church, other than the Universalist Church, that holds to Universalism in their confession, many groups are “practicing Universalists,” meaning that many practitioners of their faith act upon the supposition that people are not facing judgment in hell without a belief in the Gospel. The most notable of these include the Roman Catholic Church, as Pope Francis and other notable leaders of the sect have made statements that are flatly and plainly Universalist.
Modern proponents of Universalism are few and far between, but the most notable is Christian Mystic, Rob Bell.

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