Love Wins – A Polemical Review

Love Wins is a book by sub-Christian Mystic, Rob Bell. The book widely is believed to have led to Bell’s departure from evangelicalism. After writing the book and leaving his church, Bell now focuses on surfing, poetry, and mysticism.


Heresies present within the book include (please click the links to find out more):




Love Wins has been denounced by almost every evangelical leader of reputable doctrinal soundness, and for good reason. The following are some of their reviews.
Tim Challies

If Love Wins accurately represents Bell’s views on heaven and hell (at least if our understanding of the book accurately represents his views on heaven and hell), it reveals him as a proponent of a kind of Christian Universalism. He would deny the label as he tends to deny any label. But if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well, you know how it goes (source link).

Matt Slick

Sure, people want to hear about the love of God.  Who doesn’t?  But that is not all that God is.  He’s also righteous, holy, and just, and people will be judged for their sin and we Christians should be busy presenting the saving gospel to everyone.  What Rob Bell does in his book is reconstruct God into a more palatable version that will make people feel good not only about the Divine Holy One but also about their own destiny…

This is an extremely dangerous teaching since atheists, and other unbelievers, who hear this message can be lulled into a false sense of security and not worry about receiving Christ in this life – because they are being taught they will have a chance to do so in the next…

To me it is obvious.  Bell is not a competent theologian and he should not be writing books that deal with serious theological issues.  Reading through his work is an exercise in frustration and heartache, especially when you realize how many people are being influenced by his liberal, unbiblical teaching about hell and universal salvation.  Sure, the message sounds good, but it isn’t biblically true.

John MacArthur

In fact, the most surprising thing about Love Wins is not the position Rob Bell takes, but the fact that so many people seem genuinely caught off guard and unaccountably confused by it. The record of Bell’s own words makes it clear that this latest book of his is little more than a distillation of things he has been saying all along. He abandoned Jesus’ teaching years ago in favor of a different religion—one more in keeping with his personal preferences. He is pointing people toward the broad way that leads to destruction.

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