Heresies: Annihilationism

Annihilationism, sometimes called “destructionism” or “extinctionism” is the theological proposition that there is no “hell” awaiting the unbeliever, at least not that can be defined as “eternal conscience torment” (which is the Biblical, historic and orthodox understanding of hell. Sometimes the heresy takes the form of “conditional immortality,” which teaches that only the redeemed will live eternally.
Those holding to this heretical doctrine assert that terms like “perish,” “be destroyed,” or “death” to demand a decisive end and completed action, meaning that they will perish but only for a time. This is in contrast to the heresy of Universalism, which teaches that all will ultimately be redeemed and live in Heaven eternally.
Groups adopting the heresy include Seventh Day Adventists and the Seventh Day Church of God (the Salem Conference).
Notable individual advocates of this heresy have included Clark Pinnock, Harold Camping, Edward Fudge, Greg Boyd and Ellen G. White. Proponents who are still alive include blogger and podcaster, Chris Date.

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