23 Minutes in Hell – A Polemical Review


23 Minutes in Hell is a book by Bill Weise, published in 2006. Weise recalls 23 minutes in 1998 in which he claims he experienced hell in a series of visions and out of body experiences, after which he returned for a speaking tour and to write a book. Weise’s book follows the popularity of a string of similar books, whose authors claim to have visited Heaven.




Weise gives news revelation from God, supposedly affirmed by Jesus, that he was sent back to tell mankind. In short, Weise claims for himself the title of prophet in every sense of the word. New revelations from Weise – purporting to be from God – include the size of demons with their precise dimensions, the dimensions of hell, the precise miles to hell under the Earth, the geography of hell, and so on. Scripture describes none of these things, and so this qualifies as new revelation, and if Weise is correct, new Scripture.
Book Review, Tim Challies
Critique on Heaven and Hell Tourism, Bob Dewaay
Will you please take the time to listen to this clip, so that you can understand the Gospel?

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