Heresies: Vinism (Gay Theology)

Vinism is one of the five heresies (along with Osteenism , Haginism, Rauschenbuschism and Theoerosism) coined by Polemics Report or its sister ministry, Pulpit and Pen. Vinism is so named in the tradition after naming heresies for their founders or most prominent proponents. In this case, Vinism is named after not the founder, but perhaps the most popular teacher of the heresy in the 21st Century, Matthew Vines. Vinism may also be called “Gay Theology” or “Queer Theology.”
Vinism is the theological attempt by practitioners of sodomy (in heart or deed) or those who approve the practice of sodomy to defend the practice through creative use (or misuse) of Scripture. Vinism attempts to defend the practice of sodomy (defined as any sexually unnatural practice, including homosexuality, attempts at gender reassignment, sexual mutilation, incest, bestiality or other sins) through various means, including but not limited to removing gender-exclusive terms from the Scripture, ignoring certain Bible passages, attempting to make Biblical instruction descriptive rather than prescriptive, suggesting that God’s standards of sexual morality have changed, or taking Scriptural passages out of context and abusing them eisegetically.
Because Vinism diminishes God’s standard of righteousness and redefines sin, as well as does violence to passages like 1 Corinthians 6:8-11, the heresy has eternal negative consequences for the adherent.