Hillsong Embodies the Spirit of Voodoo at 2016 Easter Special

With what seems to be a neverending stream of apostasy coming out of this organization, Hillsong just doesn’t appear to know when enough is enough. Anyone who names the name of Christ, yet doesn’t know that this is disgusting to God, needs a biblical reality check. Revelation 3 speaks of the lukewarm church, who’s given to entertainment and self-comfort. God finds this church disgusting, and will literally vomit them from his presence (Revelation 3:16).

First it was the Sleazy Silent Night performance at Christmas. Then it was the sex pervert, Austin Powers, being promoted at a women’s conference. Most recently was the Dancing Naked Cowboy appearance at a Hillsong NY location….and now we’re showing you this video of Hillsong London putting on a reenactment of a voodoo ritual. This is pure witchcraft.

See below:

[HT: Vigilant Christian]

[Contributed by Pulpit & Pen]

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