Hillsong Promoting Sex Pervert at Women’s Conference

**Update: See also Hillsong, NY, featuring Dancing Naked Cowboy on stage.

Hillsong, the worldwide leader in Jesus-themed music, has recently taken their approach to human sexuality to a new level. Adding to their general theme of godlessness in entertainment, including a recent risque Christmas performance that called into question their respect for women, and human beings in general, now they’re promoting the well-known sex pervert, Austin Powers, at–get this–a women’s conference.



Apparently, senior pastor of Hillsong, UK, Gary Clarke, thought it would be fitting to dress up as Austin Powers at the popular women’s gathering known as the Colour Conference. Austin Powers is a popular character in London who was born out of the culture of swinging (committing adultery) during the 1960’s.

How could Clarke find this character appropriate to promote at what’s supposed to be a God-glorifying gathering of believers to worship and exalt our Lord Jesus? … That’s right, because Hillsong doesn’t exist to exalt Christ and make disciples, it exists to feed the flesh and make money. This is not a surprising incident, however, given that Hillsong had an open homosexual leading the choir at their New York subsidiary.

The bigger problem here isn’t that Hillsong is a worldly, flesh-centered organization that isn’t rooted in Scripture. It’s that much of their man-centered ideology and consumer products are promoted and sold in solid, bible-believing churches around the world. If you’re caught up following this cult, their music, or any of their teachings, I would highly suggest you turn from them, lest they drag you into their God-mocking sin.

For more about Hillsong, see here.


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