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Beth Moore Teams Up With Joyce Meyer for LoveLife 2016

Beth Moore, the preacher highly promoted by Southern Baptists’ Lifeway Christian Resources, is headlining Joyce Meyer’s LoveLife Women’s Conference this year. Joining Moore will be Hillsong Word-Faith ‘pastor,’ Christine Caine, and Kari Jobe, the worship ‘pastor’ at Robert Morris‘ Gateway Church.

Moore, who has for several years boasted of repeatedly and prophetically hearing the words of God (source link), recently started a television show on Trinity Broadcasting Network, which is sponsored by the Southern Baptist book retail outlet, Lifeway (source link).

All three with whom Moore will be sharing the stage have at least two things in common.

First, all three of Moore’s partners for this event claim to be pastors. Meyer claims the title of ‘pastor’ and preaches at the St. Louis Dream Center, although she refers to her television listening audience as her ‘worldwide congregation’ (source link). Christine Caine is a co-pastor with her husband, Nick, of “Equip and Empower Ministries” (source link). Kari Jobe is a ‘worship-pastor’ at Gateway Church (source link). All three – and four, counting Moore – regularly preach to and teach men in their position of spiritual leadership.

Secondly, all three of Moore’s partners for this event are practitioners of the Word-Faith heresy. Joyce Meyer espouses positive confession doctrine, little god doctrine, and other tenets of the aberrant theology (source link). Christine Caine is a disciple of Hillsong United, a Word-Faith mega church, and she regularly teaches Word-Faith doctrine (source link). Kari Jobe, as stated twice above, is ‘worship pastor’ at Gateway Church – again, a Word-Faith mega church (source link) that teaches the prosperity Gospel and tithing blessing or curses (source link).

One should rightly wonder what Beth Moore has in common with the Word-Faith ‘pastors’ with whom she is regularly speaking if she is in any way within the theological ballpark of Lifeway Christian Resources.

If you would like to contact Lifeway CEO, Thom Rainer, and ask him why they are continuing to use Southern Baptist resources to support the ministry of Beth Moore, you can do so by paying $249.97 a month for a personal mentorship program in which you’ll be given his email address (source link).

Moore’s federation with such theological error might be the fulfillment of her recent prophecy that God is bringing together Christians from all sectors of Christendom (source link). Or it could be a paycheck. Whatev.


[Contributed by JD Hall]

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