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Driscoll Goes Word of Faith?


Mark Driscoll was taken on stage over the weekend by Word-of-Faith and Prosperity Gospel teacher, Robert Morris. Driscoll shared some stories about his family’s struggles that, if true, are heartbreaking. More concerning, Morris clearly has been providing counsel to Driscoll during this time (even regarding his resignation from Mars Hill) and – in our opinion – paving the way for a very, very quick relaunch of Driscoll’s career.

Driscoll is in the photo above, shaking hands with Steven Furtick in smiles and solidarity after Morris mentioned they both had some “bad press” this year. One would think that such bad press (and the pretty solid, factual, validated concerns behind that bad press) would give Morris a cause to reconsider their invitations – but Morris’ Word-of-Faith tradition simply does not care about integrity issues (ask pretty much every Word-of-Faith leader, well, ever).

JD discusses this in today’s program, and we urge you to listen.

You know when you discipline that errant church member, or they know it’s coming, and they run across the street to the apostate church to seek refuge? That’s what Driscoll is doing with Word-of-Faith, Prosperity Gospel heretics. He’s running to the apostate church, to those who accept every kind of nefarious character, to avoid accountability in his former circles.” – JD Hall

Listen here.