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Rick Warren, Wayne Grudem Team Up as Religious Advisors for Marco Rubio

We’ve been reporting for quite some time now that evangelicals, especially Southern Baptists, have been fawning over staunch Roman Catholic (the one who knows and fully agrees with Roman Catholic doctrine), Marco Rubio. Many Southern Baptists have gone as far as to say they believe he is saved (See here, and here). The SBC’s lead ethicist, Russell Moore, has all but officially endorsed Rubio. In fact, Marco Rubio even enlisted the ecumenist, and director of the Manhattan Declaration, Eric Teetsel as part of his campaign to “reach out to evangelicals.” And apparently he has succeeded in doing so.

Recently announced was a host of new “evangelicals” who have volunteered to “advise” Marco Rubio on religious issues, and reaching out to the religious community. Interestingly enough, all but one are names you would expect to find working for a Roman Catholic.

Evangelical theologian Wayne Grudem has teamed up with ecumenical shills like Rick Warren and Samuel Rodriguez to volunteer on Marco Rubio’s religious advisory board. Grudem was reported as saying, “[Rubio is] a winsome, likable candidate who has the best chance of defeating Hillary Clinton, in my view.” It was also reported that Grudem said he’d be willing to endorse Rubio if asked to do so. Thomas Kidd, a professor at Baylor University, has also joined the team.

Rubio, an open-borders and amnesty advocate, has been criticized by conservative Christians for being too liberal on gay marriage and immigration issues. The National Organization for Marriage has called Rubio a “big failure,” as a senator. Yet, left-leaning evangelicals, like Russell Moore, have repeatedly teamed up him, while attacking Donald Trump on issues that he’s actually conservative on.

The Evangelical Intelligentsia’s hatred of Donald Trump has become idolatrous. A simple Twitter search of Moore’s account is evidence of just how much his hatred of Trump actually controls his life. It’s the same for many of these so-called evangelicals. The continuous hissy-fit being thrown by these men over Donald Trump has led to a more serious problem. They are attempting to take control out of God’s hands, and place it in a man’s hands, specifically the hands of someone who denies Jesus, Marco Rubio.

Let it go!

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