Pulpit & Pen on the Bible-Thumping Wingnut Podcast

Recently, I was invited on the Bible-Thumping Wingnut Podcast to discuss my article, Less About Moore: A Minimal Facts Case for Breaking Free of Beth Moore.

Other topics of discussion included:

  • JD Hall’s upcoming Theononmy Debate with Joel McDurmon, which is set to take place on February 20th at Arizona Community Church in Tempe, Arizona.  The resolution being debated is “Mosaic Civil Laws are obligatory for government today.”
  • Dressing modestly.  Tim and Len’s sisters joined in for this topic.

This bible-thumping fundamentalist had a great time on the Bible-Thumping Wingnut Podcast discussing my Beth Moore article and other topics with hosts Tim and Len; I thank them for having me on their show.  I know that many in our listening and reading audience are in theirs as well.  Perhaps Tim and Len can join us for a Contributor Hour sometime soon…if we can get around to recording one.

[Contributed by Seth Dunn]

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