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Voice in the Wilderness Radio Launches!!!!!

Voice in the Wilderness Radio (VWR) launches January 1, 2015. This new 24/7 streaming radio station will offer solid, Reformed Baptist preaching from true voices in the wilderness – pastors you might never have heard of but who offer solid, expository sermons – and preachers you’ve might have heard of like John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Albert Martin, Justin Peters and Paul Washer. VWR will also carry programs like Generations Radio, Cross Encounters Radio and the P&P Contributor Hour. Between sermons, we will play hymns and smaller clips highlighting the work of men like AW Pink and others. It is a treasure trove of rich, dynamic preaching and sound theology.

Whether in your car, on the go, around the house or in the cubicle, don’t worry about uploading mp3’s onto your phone or iPod – just stream it live.

VWR’s starting weekday lineup includes the men listed above along with pastors Earl Blackburn, Anthony Mathenia, JD Hall and Harold Smith. When the preaching archives of each speaker are exhausted, a new pastor will be added to the rotation. The weekend lineup includes other pastors and preachers not included on the regular weekday rotation and podcasts from friends of the Pulpit & Pen who have their own, unique perspectives to offer.

The mission of VWR is to give the faithful pastor a megaphone to preach Good News. We will always be seeking new pastors to highlight on VWR, and you are always welcome to submit sermons and your (or your pastor’s) contact information on the website to be considered for rotation.

Mobile apps will be out in 3-4 days (sorry, they’re taking longer than expected to complete!) but you can still listen on a mobile device without an app or directly from the website.

Please be patient with VWR as our completely volunteer staff work out the kinks in this new endeavor and many audio “perks” have not yet been added to the system but will, in due time. Each day will provide 12 hours of programming, repeated twice. In a few short weeks, there will be 24 hours of programming. What we’re waiting on, pastors, are YOUR sermons so contribute now!

Thank you for listening to VWR, and as always….Semper Reformanda!