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Et Tu, Kirk?

Justin Peters recently appeared on Worldview Weekend with Brannon Howse to discuss Kirk Cameron’s recent appearance on Catholic Radio program, Busted Halo, with “Father” Dave. Kirk promotes his next movie about keeping Christ in Christmas and says it is about understanding the Biblical foundations for the traditions and celebrations of Christmas, including Santa Clause, Christmas trees, the nativity, to all the presents to the feasting.

Troublingly, Kirk seemed to have a great opportunity to share the gospel and speak of the moral law and repentance, as he proclaimed for years with Ray Comfort, but he failed to do so on this Catholic radio program. Justin explains why he finds it troubling that Kirk said he needed fellowship or community with others including Father Dave as though Father Dave was part of the New Testament Church of believers. Kirk was asked to share his testimony but never explained the gospel.

Although Kirk said that Father Dave would agree with him that we should point people to the true Hero who is the one that died for our sins, Justin explains how the Church of Rome has a twisted gospel that is not Biblical and a false Jesus that is not the Jesus of the Bible. Justin also addresses concerns of Kirk asserting that Christians are called to shape the culture through movies and books and fashion. Where in the Bible are Christians given the Great Commission of shaping the culture? Again, does this reveal a reconstructionist theology by Kirk?

For the next few days, the program will be available for free until it becomes a part of the Situation Room Archives. You can listen to Brannon and Justin’s concerns here.

[Posted by Dustin Germain]