Join the Joyner-Pulpiteer Party, Friday Evening 7:30 EST.

Rick Joyner recently took an eight-hour trip to Heaven. He writes…

Last night I spent 8 hours in heaven. It was in a series of dreams that began about midnight and lasted until 8 this morning. I’ve been there before, but never like this. I was shown the key to our eternal joy, and how we all have it in our hands to use right now. I will be sharing a lot about this on MorningStar TV and in “The MorningStar Journal” , and will try to share as much as I can about it at our upcoming Harvest Summit Oct.16-18, because this is a major key to the coming harvest, awakening, revival and the bride making herself ready. The world is about to go through hell, but we can be walking deeper into heaven each day, experiencing the greatest joy of our lives, and able to lead others to it.

Well, this Friday (September 19) Rick will be doing a Q&A on Twitter to answer all of our questions about his supernatural experiences. His Q&A is at 7:30 EST and we’re all invited to aks him about his trip to Heaven and other prophecies.

If you’re a pulpiteer, please join us for this special occasion in social media. Include the hashtag, #AskRickJoyner.

[Contributed by Dustin Germain]

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