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Undue Influence: Louisiana Baptist Executive Committee Votes Down Common Sense

For the motions rejected today by the LBC Executive Committee concerning the undue influence of David Hankins upon the LBC, via the undue influence of David Hankins on the LBC Executive Committee, here you go…

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With the vast, vast array of evidence presented in Baptist and secular media over the last five months demonstrating the undue influence of David Hankins over both Louisiana College and the Louisiana Baptist Convention, one would think that the common sense reforms proposed by Jay Adkins and Lewis Richerson (and the many, many Louisiana Baptists supporting them) would be thoughtfully engaged and warmly received to ensure that the immense damage caused by David Hankins’ undue influence wouldn’t continue. Instead, the executive committee rejected these proposals.

Please note that the proposals designed to protect the LBC from Hankins’ undue influence were voted down by a committee with voting member, David Hankins, sitting on said committee.

That’s irony, no matter how you see it.

Developing: More will follow.